Podiatry Consultations with an Experienced Foot Doctor

When you come in to the office, Dr. Jeffrey Wachtel will start with an initial consultation in order to determine your foot’s health conditions and find the best treatment option for you. He provides consultations for different medical and surgical treatments of the foot, including:


When you come in for an orthotics consultation, Dr. Wachtel will assess whether or not you require them. The consultation process may also include taking the initial measurement and casts if you plan to get orthotics.

Geriatric Care

People over the age of 50 often suffer from poor circulation in their feet. Poor circulation may lead to skin changes, infections, painful cramps, edema and more. If you are experiencing these symptoms or conditions, it may be time to seek help from a podiatrist.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Wachtel offers consultation for all kinds of sports podiatry. Whether it’s prevention or treating injuries, he can help you with your sports podiatry needs.


Foot Surgery

Some foot conditions, such as damages to the muscle, tendon, bone or nerve, may require surgery. If you have bunions, arthritic damage to the joints or ingrown toenails, it may be a good idea to book a consultation for possible surgery.


In addition to the consultation services listed above, Dr. Jeffrey Wachtel also offers consultations for every foot condition and treatment he provides.

Call the office to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable foot doctor.

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